Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Random Revisit № 5 :: July 1986...

A trio of images shot around 1986 at Alconbury (now confirmed as Air Tattoo 86, July 27 - stash of 'gizzits' found!) - not very good quality as it was a 35mm Olympus Mju pointy shooty type camera if I recall. No Exif files to refer back to in those days!

Air Tattoo '86 sticker
527th Patch……cap front 'remains'……sticker
Some memorabilia dug up to link the photos below to a date.
Who needs EXIF?….

Wot Cat woz dat?

Resident F-5 Aggressor

Sally B
(Scans done on iPhone 6 using "Scannable" app)


  1. Happy Days !! Loved Sally-B in that scheme and looked worthy of remembering the 8th AF to the full.

  2. Who'da thought almost 30 years later I'd be taking my lunch time strolls around Sally B and another Catalina?...

  3. All thanks to Elly and her little darlings and support from Peter and at times myself over the years. Is great to seeit perform still after all these years.

  4. The Cat looks like JV928. It was at Lee on Solent for a while and the ferried to North Weald where Gaz and I saw it five years ago
    Think it may now be Stateside.

  5. Yes, think this was the one which was at North Weald with 'blue' cowlings and then to Biggin Hill where it went up for sale and at one time was offered to the Yorkshire Air Museum to 'fire' up to keep it alive and the owner wanted the YAM to pay for it being moved by road and re-assemble it !! but in the meantime it got 'shifted' or is going stateside as you say

  6. Not sure if it is JV928 - according to the expert JV928 was "C-FJJG in 1986 and it was re-registered in the USA as N423RS, its current marks. It was flown down to Reno, Nevada from Canada and was stored there for a time, passing through a number of owners before starting a new life with Dr Reginald Slade of Dallas, Tx. who used it on fishing charters up into Canada. Slade christened his Catalina Polar Cat. It was sold again in 1997 and, in October of that year, was flown across the Atlantic to Hamburg, Germany"
    That seems to discount N423RS/JV928 as it was still in the US in 1986.

    BTW, JV928 is now in Florida…
    Arrived mid March - https://www.facebook.com/424658594252108/photos/a.604902156227750.1073741825.424658594252108/902523143132315/?type=1

  7. Hang on was there not two PBY aircraft at Lee-on-Solent of which one was the one Peter and I saw at North Weald and also the one which might be that one which ended up in the 'drink' killing the Lord Mayor of Southampton and ended up in Ireland and was broken up either last year or the year before and the cockpit is still with us ? is this we we are getting confused ?

  8. Perhaps it is the late 'Plane Sailing' a/c then. It does have the squared off rudder of the Plane Sailing machine. Guess it must also have had the Cruikshank paint scheme applied like N423RS.

  9. Hmmm could be Peter. The stuff that comes and goes here is sometimes hard to keep track.


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