In the air and on the ground...

 Some of the action today at Duxford...


Wednesday Hangarage Reportage...

 Popped into the hangars for a change plus some airfield parking 'action'...


Wednesday Warbirdery...

A quick wander today. 

Then, a brief glimpse of CAC CA-18 Mustang 21 "Jersey Jerk" (G-JERK) as it sauntered around my local area as I tried to have my tea...


Today's wanderings...

Spitfire FR MkXIV G-SPIT MV293 went off for a flight to Old Warden as I finished my lunchtime saunter...
PT462 was also parked up awaiting another customer?...




Two Seat Spitfires :: Current status

Image courtesy Greg Davis/The Two-Seat Spitfire Page

With EN570 now reported as having flown, there are currently 13 airworthy two-seat Spitfires - they are:- 


1. MT818 No Codes - operated by Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar 
2. MH367 FL⦿A - operated by Warbird Adventure Rides Ltd (NZ) (G/M)
3. MJ627 9G⦿Q 🇮🇪 158 - operated by Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar
4. MJ772 GW⦿A 🇮🇪159 - operated by SFVE foundation (NL)
5. ML407 OU⦿V 🇮🇪 162 - operated by Ultimate Warbird Flights (G/M)
6. NH341 DB⦿E - operated by Aero Legends 
7. PT462 SW⦿A - operated by Aerial Collective (G/M)
8. PV202 5R⦿H 🇮🇪 161 - operated by Aerial Collective
9. SM520 LO⦿G - operated by Spitfires.com (was KJ⦿I)
10. TE308 ZP⦿W 🇮🇪 163 - operated by Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar
11. ML295 DB⦿M - Operated by Spitfires.com - based at Leeds
12. BS410 PK⦿A - Owned by Martin Philips/operated by Spitfires.com
13. EN570 FY⦿J - Operated by Norwegian Flying Aces (G/M)

(🇮🇪 Indicates former Irish Air Corps aircraft & code)

Under Restoration

14. No14  ??⦿? - Being restored Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar
15. BS548 ??⦿?(G/M) Being restored by Airframe Assemblies Ltd for Ross Pay
16. MJ444 2I⦿? - Being restored by Airframe Assemblies Ltd for Aero Legends
17. TE566  ??⦿? -Being restored by Airframe Assemblies Ltd for Enstone
18. MJ518 ??⦿? - Indian Air Force heritage flight
(G/M) = Grace/Melton type canopy



 ...not quite rolling down the airfield but appeared quite a quiet day visitor wise. Lunch time saunter only interrupted by Spitfire T9 PT462 doing some training flights...


Spitfire VB AB848/LO•F

The regular aircraft flown by P/O John Niven of 602 City of Glasgow Sqdn, Spitfire VB AB848/LO•F. In the background is LO•G - Spitfire T9 SM520 of Spitfires.com has recently been repainted in the markings of this aircraft which was flown by Pilot Officer (Pedro) Osgood V Hanbury.

Image © Niven Family

November 18 1941 - AB848 after a dogfight with a Me109, a cannon round hit his right aileron with splinters hitting the perspex canopy.

Image © Niven Family

Image © Niven Family


Windy Wednesday (again!)

Today's photos are brought to you by the letter "T" and the number "9"....

Aero Legend's NH341/DB-E and Aerial Collective's PV202/JW on a blustery airfield...
Shortly after I took these PV202 went up for a flight.