Saturday, 1 November 2008

Dead Duck shoot....

Image used with permission IWM
Another gun camera clip I was viewing last week leapt out at me as soon as the title card opened - the target was recorded as a "Liberator A.C." and the pilot/squadron details were recorded as being F/O Emmerson 453 Sqn on 26/2/45 at 1600hrs - this might be interesting!!
A second clip, F/Lt Clemesha 453 Sqn, also featured this attack - slightly better quality than the first clip and I managed to capture a frame of the action to try and see if I could enhance the image over that seen on the Steenbeck.

Later, after converting the negative image to a positive, I could make out it was a white underlined G on a dark coloured bar. Some searching on the net resulted in the following results...
392nd BG
Serial No. - 42-95241
Sqn - (H) 578th
Call Letter - EC - G
A/C Name - "Jolly Duck"
Final Disposition - Crash landed Feb 22, 45 at Noekermeer, near Zoeterwoude, Netherlands
Missions Flown - 37

More info -
Scroll to bottom of page and images of "Jolly Duck" crash site -

Pics of her can be found on row four on this page -

Mission report -


  1. Hello warbirdskies,

    i am very surprised of your picture of the jolly duck.
    I am one of the investigators of this airplane and in also live in Zoetermeer were the Jolly Duck crash landed (not NOEKermeer)
    I also deliverd many information and pictures to and i assisted Annet Tison writing the John McCormick story on .
    We never knew that there were more pictures of the jolly duck!! so we are very happy with this picture!
    We also didnt know the names of the pilotes of the Spitfires.
    Can you please help us with some more pictures or information about the pilotes? Any information will be a great help for us!
    One last question, is the picture from a film or is it a photograph?

    Kind regards,

    Maarten Havinga
    Zoetermeer, Holland

  2. I forgot to post my e-mail adress:

    Maarten Havinga

  3. Thanks for the comment - I will email you.