Camera, no sound, action!!!

After a couple of previous attempts I finally managed to get hold of a G45 Gun camera. All the gun camera film I have been viewing for the last 30 or so months has been shot on the G45 fitted to Spitfires, Hurricanes, Typhoons etc.
Made by the Williamson Manufacturing Co.Ltd. of London & Reading before, during and after WWII, they were fitted to a wide range of aircraft.
It appears to be in good condition and is a 24v version. The camera is finished in a black 'crackle' finish and I suspect it may be a relatively 'new' version even though it carries AM markings. Other examples of the G45 I have seen online have a grey paint finish hence my suspicion it may be a post 1945 example. The heating element inside the lens housing is still intact. An empty film magazine was included.
Fitting and removal of the film magazine is either from the side access door or from the top loading slot dependent on the camera's orientation when fitted to the aircraft.

All I need now are the rest of the parts to rebuild a Spitfire around it!

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