Friday, 18 December 2009

Last week it was mist....


  1. So, working with farmers with a view to stopping 'free-loaders' eh, well does Mr Richard Ashton object to 'free-loaders' standing on a public road, or is he going to
    apply to Cambridge county council to restrict
    footpath users too, or even worse the Babylon !! I tell you Bob, if this is what we are coming to, then P-47G or not, I'm through
    with the I.W.M. Why, cannot Richard Ashton get it inti his head that, not all of the British public, are rolling in money these days.

  2. Gary,
    While I appreciate the view of those who watch from the outside of the fence I suspect that the concerns over public safety may well outweigh the 'rights' of the non-paying punter to have a free view of an airshow.
    Think back to the Firefly crash - if that field had been full of non-paying spectators then not only would there have been casualties on the ground but the anti-airshow lobbyists would have had a field day.
    The P-38 crash, if it had been into the field to the south rather than the visiting aircraft 'park' could have wiped out dozens of spectators if they were allowed to congregate outside the fenceline.

    The whole crowd safety aspect is based along the lines that the pilots have a supposed clear area to fly 'into' in the event of problems. If that clear area is peppered with people it then becomes a safety issue and if the IWM Duxford cannot guarantee that safe zone then maybe air displays at DX could end.
    Why do all the display axis fall to the south of the static display line? I believe one pilot got a right bollocking for allowing his display to drift above the paying crowd in previous years.

    Also, spectators outside the fence invariably bring vehicles and they could block or seriously impede the access of emergency vehicles in the event of an incident.

    I'm not sure if the local farmers are that keen to work with the IWM - maybe they have a better relationship these days but I had heard that at least one wasn't too pro Duxford...

  3. Bob, I'm talking about standing on a 'public' footpath, not putting myself at risk, like the others you have mentioned in the fields. I think, I can get some good shots off, from the main road into Duxford village, parking the car in the School carpark for £7, and the 'bonus' not hearing some french tw*t, waffling on about 'nowt' for three hours solid.
    Not to mention, his voice on our video recorders. Because, lets face it, they keep inviting him back !! Also, No more sitting in the 'gold-pass' seated area, has the people standing in front of us, ruined the view, and I ended up standing up to get over them, thus upsetting folks behind me. Last thing I want to do is 'upset' anyone, so I think I'll knock the gold pass area in the head. Besides you were only allowed one piece of meat !! I think they forgot that we have been off 'rations' for some time. I notice also that the I.W.M. have stepped-back on their plans to charge FOD
    members, but only after people had complained.
    As for standing fields, and putting yourself at risk,It's not the aeroplanes you have to worry about, it's the pesticides on the crops!! that would do you more harm. Whats the betting that it will be more to get into Legends this year ? Lets see, two adults and two kids, plus program, plus expensive' food in Col. Joes or whatever they call it nowdays
    'goodies' ride in a D.H. Rapide, expensive day out, me thinks. There's alot people out there
    who have not got alot of cash these day's. I alone gave two tickets for sundays show to an ASB member just made redundant around a month before last years show, so he and another would not miss the action, and did not 'kop' for the P-45 rate. Where did I get the tickets ?not from the I.W.M. thats for sure.