Friday, 15 July 2011


When a Skyraider meets a P-51 Mustang, there will only be one winner...
Thankfully, Rob Davies, the pilot of the P-51 in question Big Beautiful Doll bailed out in time...

AAIB (condensed) report on the accident -
P-51D Mustang, D-FBBD and Douglas AD-4N Skyraider, F-AZDP
The pilot of a P-51 Mustang was leading a ‘Vic’ (Vee) formation of three aircraft participating in an airshow at Duxford. On his left was a Douglas Skyraider and on his right was another P-51 Mustang. On a signal from the leader, the formation carried out a ‘break’ manoeuvre to the left. During the left turn the Skyraider and the leading Mustang collided. The Mustang pilot was forced to abandon his aircraft and descended by parachute to a safe landing; the Skyraider pilot was able to land his aircraft at Duxford.

The accident occurred after the Skyraider pilot had lost sight of his leader and continued to make a tighter turn than his leader’s aircraft, which had slowed down. This caused their respective flight paths to converge, resulting in the collision.

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  1. Is it true, it's going to have a P-51D 'Kill' sticker on it ?