Thursday, 19 April 2012

Goodbye ASB....

Been a while since I logged onto the ASB website (Airshowbuzz) so was a bit surprised to find the following message -

Airshowbuzz has flown west

When we launched ASB 5 years ago it quickly became the premier online community for the air show industry. During that time, we have met countless friends from around the world who share our passion for aviation.

While it has been an amazing experience, we ultimately realize our true passion lies in our involvement with the live air show community and doing what we love most, flying. Because of this, we will be closing ASB effective immediately. Moving forward, we will put all our energy towards being part of the wonderful group of family and friends at the live events across the country.

We want to thank all of you for being a part of this great experience and we look forward to seeing you at an air show very soon.

The Horsemen have reduced their online presence to


  1. I think there were too many that 'didn't log on for a while' Bob, me included. shot themselves in the foot imho.
    There's a couple of familiar names here now if you want to say 'hello'



  2. There was a reason people 'deserted' ASB - I strongly feel it was when they tried to integrate the social media aspects, like Facebucks and Twatter, and initially insisted people tie their registration for ASB to these networking sites.
    I know they eased up on that requirement but by then I think people were just moving away. The damage was done. Many of the older generation who were the core of the forum members probably didn't like this direction either.
    Nothing like alienating your 'fan base'.

    Not sure if you are going to be at Duxford this Sunday coming - I'm working somewhere around the site so if you see me looking frazzled throw a warm beer over me!!!

  3. Duxford is unlikely Bob in view of the pending Canada trip so report back to us. You're more than welcome to add to my blog if you wish - I see you've popped in - but you may need an 'invite', email admin if you want one.

    I agree on ASB, I meant they shot themselves in the foot not the users that didn't visit - it seemed clear when I typed but not when I read it back!

  4. I understand it was not Ed's call, it came from elsewhere !! but they did themselves no favour's, keep changing the format, and I think MikeThe VolsFan was more popular than the 'Horseman' !! And the 'Black-box' thingy, the less side the better !!