Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Duxford (Wednes)Day :: 5/9/12

Been a little slow in updating this page due to trips, and others covering the day to day comings and goings at Duxford on a more regular basis than I was.

I am still cataloguing RAF gun camera film from WWII - the film archive found some more at the back of a fridge or cooker or some other domestic appliance. Thought it was finally finished but I find myself back in 1942 again!
Now doing Wednesdays as well as Fridays so will you get twice as much 'coverage'?...

One topic of conversation is the sale of the "Ju 52" and the "Storch" (amongst other items) - it will be sad to see them go, even if they aren't really a "Ju 52" or a "Storch".
The "Ju 52" has been rolled outside recently and was placed on the flightline for the September airshow. I took a couple of photos while it was still on the concrete hardstand up near the AAM.

It looks good enough for this visitor - still I guess the IWM know best....


  1. We were starting to think you must be stuck in the back of somewhere. The blog of an aerophile with no blog!!
    Not convinced on the Ju-52 or Storch either but they've never really been treated as part of the a/c on display which always seemed stramge but there you go.

  2. There are plenty of other pseudo planes - just not in a national collection. Buchon as a 109? Flugwerk 190 as a Fw 190? Plenty of 'replica' WWI stuff.
    IWM is happy to spend thousands on a Plankcaster* for the kiddywinks to climb over but retain something faintly WWII Luftwaffery for kids to look at - err, no way.....

    *I think I can actually lay claim to christening the wooden monstrosity at Duxford as the "Plankcaster"!!!