Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Duxford :: 17/10/12

Some aerial activity today in the shape of P-51 "Ferocious Frankie" and Spitfire Mk 1 P9374….

Some lucky so-and-so preparing for a jolly...

And some shelf movements from north side...


  1. Two questions please.

    1. is the trailer outside the 'Bruce Almighty's' hangar ?

    2. Will this website 'owner' be re-applying to UK*R now they have an 'Amnesty' for ex members who have been 'banned' or cancelled their membership ? 'Wipe the slate clean' is the 'wording' and a change of heart !! Come-on, we are dying to know !! LoL

  2. 1. Yes, this is outside H2 - contents moved over from the Aladdin's cave on the North side. More to come I suspect…

    2. Amnesty? Can't recall my log-in - will have to have a lookysee!…

  3. Replies
    1. Really, so much for that !! did you fill the form in to come back ?

    2. No, I just tried to log in - not sure if I really have the desire to rejoin….

    3. That's a nice shot of the MkI Spit on approach

  4. Yep, they have had, a change of heart after much 'soul-searching' is how it reads !! Keep the pics coming, me and Mr Smith are watching the 'postings'with that wonderful piece of 'kit' you stalk aircraft down there, in your 'backyard' !!

    1. It's only a pointy shooty pocket job - am wavering on trading in the Nikon D70 and getting the Sony NEX 6 or 7.
      Until then I'll tote the Panasonic TZ7 around...