Sunday, 26 May 2013

Duxford :: Spring Airshow :: 26/5/2013

Amongst the highlights of the first airshow of the season was the formation flypast of the Red Arrows and the  P-47G Thunderbolt Snafu, P-51C Mustang Princess Elizabeth, Spitfire 1A AR213/P3708 and a Hurricane Mk X AE977/P3886 of "Eagle Squadron"...

Earlier in the day, opening the show, the "Eagle Squadron" put on a fourship display...

Later they escorted B-17 "Sally B"...

As I was deployed on the Jet Pan for the duration of the Flightline Walk, I was unable to take any photos of the static aircraft. Apologies if I added a splash of hi-viz yellow to your photos while you were trying to snap the "Eagle Squadron" aircraft on the ground!!


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  2. "Eagle Squadron" were GoPro'd up the yin yang for certain!!!!

    Red Arrows put on a good display as well - they got full height autorisation about a quarter of the way into their display. Made a lot of difference and was impressive.

  3. Nice video Bob. Looks like they all kept formation extremely well.
    You doing Legends? Maybe catch you then.

  4. Wavering on working one of the days - have to source a stool if I'm out on the flightline again!!!