Friday, 12 July 2013

Duxford :: 12/7/13 :: Hot, hot, hot....

Something must be happening this weekend. Lots of aircraft arriving and lots of people and tents on site....

Met up with Gary W for a natter at lunchtime - not sure if we put the world to rights but we had a damn good try!

Anyway, spotted these three doing some sort of new dance out on the airfield...

Bit of a new view of the Beaufighter now that the southside of H2 has been emptied out a bit...

If you're one of my regular readers I will be working at Flying Legends this Saturday - probably somewhere out on the flightline, so if you're out and about stop by and throw a wet towel over me!!!...


  1. Nice meeting you again Bob, enjoyed it. Should be down for the September show with Paul to put the 'world' right and I've promised myself 20min in the T-6 !! Hope your 'tasked' to a nice number and hope for a good safe airshow with good weather thrown-in. Get plenty of 'warm-beer' down your neck !! LoL

  2. Bob,

    Just out of interest, that's all. In the shot of the Beaufighter 'thingy' are those engine parts laying in front of it, for that aircraft ?or are they from something else ? just for show/display ?


  3. Cylinder 'pots' from some radial - they're just laid out, for checking maybe?

    "Do we have enough for two engines?"

  4. Just caught my eye, and thought I'd just ask. It may be that they are from something else that 'Bruce Almighty' has obtained and has no connection with the aircraft at all, but if I don't ask, you never get to know do you ?

  5. Sorry I didn't have the wet towel Bob but good to catch up for a quick chat even if I nearly didn't spot you behind the 'beardy disguise' lol!

  6. Anything going on in the 'forge' these days ? with Arco like 'Lizze' wings ?