Saturday, 9 November 2013

Research :: John Niven DFC*

I have now, kindly, been sent digital copies of the Flying Log Books of John, along with some photos, and hope to do some matching up of the film footage I have viewed with the actual entries in his Log Books.

As a slight aside, a thread over on Flypast Historic Aviation forum regarding "Falkland Islands Spitfires", mentioned one of the ten paid for by the Falkland Islanders, being allocated to 602 Squadron.
A quick check of the Log Book for 1941 revealed that John flew X4615 during April, May and June of 1941.

John also flew for a time with 485 (NZ) Squadron and there are a few photos from his time with them. I had hoped to add another element to the story in finding ML407 as one of the Spitfires he flew. Not found it yet, but other Spitfires in the "ML" series crop up. While a few photos feature Spitfires with the "OU" squadron code,  ML407 OU-V is absent (or is maybe just hidden behind a group of very young men)...

Image Courtesy Roger Niven

ML407 - "The Grace Spitfire"

UPDATE: Found the following entry in his Log Book serving as OC 485 (NZ) Sqdn -
Aug 3 1944 Spitfire IXB ML407 Target Support Cover - 20000' Lille Ostend area covering 300 Halifaxes on Noball at Foret Le Nieppe. Very hazy. Bad for strafing. Little flak from St.Omer & Hesdin.

He also flew one of the BBMF Spitfires during his service -
Feb 19 1945 Spitfire VB AB910 Weather Test (15 mins) Operating from Hibaldstow

Stay tuned!...

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