Sunday, 31 August 2014

DIY mic wind muff or 'dead cat'...

From shooting video on various digital cameras wind noise on airfields can be a real pain. Plenty of solutions for external microphones are on the market but trying to find something for the small pinhole microphone openings on digital cameras is not so easy to find.
So, having sourced a piece of faux fur I set about making my own. I found some Scotch reusable clear sticky pads in my local Staples and, finding I'd only need to use a quarter of a pad on each mic slot, I made a hole in each one with a standard office hole punch. As each pack has 18 tabs that is more than enough for the foreseeable future.

From shooting a couple of sample clips with and without the muff, it does seem to cut down the wind noise by a large amount. Of course, just when I want a good stiff breeze to really try it, the weather gods decide to only provide a gentle breeze!

Thankfully the fur muffs/brows can be removed when not shooting video so saving me from any Duxford snaparazzi humour.

No Muppet Show jokes please...


  1. Damn, the reply was there in my mind and then I looked the last picture, lol!

  2. I use black electrical tape over the mic, it's not full-proof but it does help. Bearing in mind Bob for the last three airshow season's the UK has had very windy conditions during the summer months. It is a pain, but good look with your efforts mate, stick at it.

  3. Tell Brian, I love the 'on-the-deck' shots he posts on you know where in the 'Duxford Diary'. Love the Piper Cub shot and the regular warbirds from this angle. Perhaps you might throw a few in from time to time.

  4. I do the occasional one -

    What with him shooting worm's eye view and DCW perched up on the control tower now and again, hard to find a unique place to shoot! Maybe a wide angle from Grange Road?….