Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Duxford :: 21.I.15 :: 1-11

Popped over the road to have a quick wander before heading home - looking better than it did in 2014, the BAC 1-11 is back out on the 'line' with the other airliners.


  1. Made a great job of it from what I can see considering how it looked in 'Buff' primer for a while. And they used a 'cherry picker' too !! Should stand up to the weather for a good few years.

  2. Looks better from a distance - I appreciate you'll never get a glossy finish with rollers and brushes and that any paint job is better than a fading/peeling one…
    Just saying'….

  3. I know mate, but at least it looks loads tidy now than it did.