Monday, 9 February 2015

Apt coincidence?

From reading the latest info on the Classic Wings site it appears that the Spitfire being used for the "Fly In A Spitfire" experience flights, could be Mk IX (Tr9) MJ627.

From the aircraft's history MJ627 entered service with number 441(Silver Fox) Sqn, Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) on September 25, 1944 and served with the RAF from Advanced Landing Ground B70 located in Belgium.

As previously posted I recently got a HobbyMaster 1/48 scale die cast model of a Mustang III FZ190 of 441 Squadron RCAF from May 1945.

I've also viewed footage of 441 Squadron gun camera film, mostly from 1944 when they flew Spitfires (MkIX), so I wonder what the chances are of me now flying in an aircraft I may have watched the combat footage of?

UPDATE: Just had a look back through the handwritten notes I made in the first couple of years of the gun camera project, and I had indeed viewed some footage of MJ627 in action. 
In fact the clip shot on  September 27 1944, and mentioned in the 'history link' above, when Pilot Officer Bregman took off in MJ627 to patrol the Arnhem area and attacked single Bf 109.


  1. It's a pretty unique experience anyway but that almost takes it up another notch. Bet you can't wait now!

  2. And the $64m question, can you take your own 'box-brownie' up with you to capture the moments ?

  3. A good question. Classic Wings have cameras in their Tiger Moths - I'd be surprised if they do not provide a similar way of recording your 'once in a lifetime' experience.

    Maybe if I pull up with the gun camera footage from '44 they may let me ;o)

  4. That would be the ultimate indeed, see if you can twist their arms !!

  5. If it was me, I would 'nip' down to either Sainsbury's or Argos and purchase one of those small pocket digital 'box-brownie's they sell for around between £44 -£66 and get a 'micro' tri-pod which screws into one. The tri-pod is 'bendable and can go in your 'sky-rocket' with ease and is secure. Golden rule here, 'keep-your-trap-shut' and just use it below line of view of any installed camera on the aircraft and when you get to have a play with the stick (if) Bob's yer uncle !! and you will not have to wait two weeks for any video done by them (as a 'once-in-a-life-time' extra. I wish I had taken one up in the TF-51 because I got a 'tape' given to me and it was in US format and I had to send it into Nottingham to have put on a disc. Just a thought.......................

  6. Got a GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition so 'equipment' is not a problem. Thanks for the tips though ;o)

  7. Looking forward to the 'GoPro' images !! No worries mate.