Saturday, 30 May 2015

"Britain At War" magazine - June 2015 issue

Last month I happened to spot a letter in the Britain At War magazine regarding the fate of Paddy Finucane and whether or not his body was perhaps found but misidentified or buried in an 'unmarked' grave.
I'd mentioned Paddy Finucane here back in 2009, after watching a clip of him attacking shipping on 14.VII.42, and discovering his loss the next day after being hit by ground fire and ditching in the Channel.
So I sent an email to the editor about the footage of Finucane. I included a photo of Paddy given to me by the Niven family as I thought it was probably one never seen before, as it was in John Niven's logbook.
I also mentioned some of the other "discoveries" thrown up during my research. This email was really just 'informal', so imagine my surprise when I opened this months edition to find it in the letters page!!!!

Signed photo in John Niven's logbook for period  8/6/42 - 16/6/42

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  1. Well done mate, and will 'nip' into WH Smith's for a butchers at it.


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