Thursday, 2 July 2015

In reach of the sky?

My video* arrived today - a couple of screenshots from the experience - it all came rushing back…

"With their up, tiddly, up, up
And their down, tiddly, down, down.
Up! Down! Flying around.
Looping the loop and defying the ground.
They're all, frightfully keen
Those magnificent men in their flying machines." 

Victory Roll over Madingley

I have control - Wing over to the right...

Run and break over Duxford

*Video by PilotPix for Classic Wings


  1. VR over Maddingley - a little pensive perhaps?!!
    Good for you anyway. Maybe catch you at the weekend.

  2. Not pensive one bit. In good hands. Just thinking how freakin awesome is this!!! 75th anniversary year of BoB, in a Spitfire, with former OC BBMF doing a "salute" to those who sacrificed all for freedom.


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