Friday, 15 April 2016


Today's post-lunch saunter around saw MJ627 back at DX fulfilling childhood dreams…

Last minute refresh of safety brief

That awesome sensation of a Merlin coming to life!

Taxi out for the flight of a lifetime

Second World War to Cold War air defence

Quartet of Spitfires with a Hurricane soloist

Not often seen view of the Corsair's gun bays


  1. Fabric-covered elevators on the Corsair ?

  2. neat blog .. only just discovered it - shame it's not better known. Will add a link to my Luftwaffe blog How do you get onto the airfield so frequently? you work there? Is there a post that explains all this. I feel we should know..

  3. Thanks for your comment - I volunteer at the museum and since 2006 have worked within the film archive. Many of the photos around the museum are taken during my lunch break.
    My main project has been the accessioning of WW2 RAF gun camera film for the IWM Collection.

    Some blog posts relating to the project can be found here - (