Thursday, 11 May 2017

NH341 - another two seater to 'notch up'?

For it's brief time on 411(Grizzly Bear) Sqn RCAF, from 22 June 1944 to 2 July 1944, I've possibly viewed the gun camera footage of Spitfire LFIXe, now converted to a T9, NH341 G-CICK - in particular while being flown by Flt Lt Trainor :-

On 28/6/44 at 1300hrs flying Spitfire attacking an Me109 and at 2000hrs attacking Fw190 (pilot recorded as "Trainor")

On 29/6/44 at 1630hrs attacking ground targets and Me109 (this clip is allocated to "F/Lt Rainor" 411 Sqn, though is probably an error by the person making up title card) 

On 30/6/44 at 2130hrs attacking an Me109.

Having viewed the footage of MJ627 bagging a 109 prior to my flight, maybe I need to add NH341 to my 'logbook'...

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