Sunday, 24 September 2017

24.IX.17 - DX BOB Show

4 x T9s together.....

Overall a good end to the season. A few gaps in the programme due to the strong crosswind and a obvious lack of Mustangs after yesterday's nibble on the tail of Miss Helen by Sharkmouth. 
The sight of six Hurricanes all in one patch of sky was something to behold - a few years back we'd be excited at the sight of two!!! And a thirteen Spitfire tail chase was awesome to hear and see.

RNHF Sea Fury T.20 

Norwegian AF Historical Sqn MiG15 UTI Red18, Vampires FB52 and T55

Blenheim Mk1, 3xMk1 Spitfires, 5xHurricanes and Gladiator

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