Saturday, 21 October 2017

21.X.17 :: Headcorn Aerodrome - Aero Legends

Took a trip down to Headcorn Aerodrome (formerly RAF Lashenden) to the "Sit-In" event, jointly arranged by "The Two Seat Spitfire Page" and Aero Legends, operators of Spitfire T9 NH341 "Elizabeth" and MkIX TD314 "St. George".
Interesting talk from Nick Oram about the history of NH341 and TD314 and some of the pilots who flew NH341 while she was with 411 Sqn RCAF. Flt Lt Anthony "Parky" Parkinson MBE was also on hand (having flown "St. George" down to Headcorn today) to do a Q&A session and share his experiences flying with the BBMF and The Red Arrows. 
The base for the event was Aero Legends newly acquired WW2 era wooden "dispersal/scramble" hut, obtained from the former RAF Bridgnorth station, and now in situ at Headcorn. Apart from a few finishing touches, once completed, the hut will provide a place for participants and visitors in the various flying packages to be briefed and relax. It certainly came in handy with the heavy downpours that were blowing through!
Unfortunately NH341 developed an oil leak due to a cracked sump and the engine has been removed a few days previously, so the winner of the "Fly-In-NH341" draw will have to wait until the 2018 season. It wasn't me... :o(
The event was well attended and even though the weather gods were doing their best with "Brian" heading towards Kent, the sun did shine for a good part of the day and for the Merlin engine run. 


  1. Did you get to look around their little museum - I believe the manned V1 has gone on display since I was last there

  2. No, by the time the Aero Legends event finished I needed to hit the road - the forecast was high winds and I didn't want to be stuck on the wrong side of the Dartford crossing!!!
    Will have a look next time I'm down there - maybe fit in a T9 flight too 😉