Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Two Seat Roundup...

Someone asked me the other day how many two seat Spitfires there are,  so I drew up this brief list...

The surviving original two seaters are:
T8 Vickers Prototype (from MkVIII)
MT818 (Vickers Canopy) Airworthy UK

T9 Vickers  (from MkIX) (Irish Air Corps)
MJ627 (158)(Vickers Canopy) Airworthy UK
MJ772 (159) (Vickers Canopy) Under Repair UK
PV202 (161)(Vickers Canopy) Airworthy UK
ML407 (162)(Grace In Line Canopy Conversion) Airworthy UK
TE308 (163) (Vickers Canopy) USA damaged

T9 Vickers (Indian Air Force)
ML417 (HS543) now reverted to single seat MkIX Airworthy USA

The T9 "Modern" conversions are:
PT462 (“Grace” Canopy) Airworthy UK
SM520 (Vickers Canopy) Airworthy UK
NH431 (Vickers Canopy) Airworthy UK
MH367 (“Grace” Canopy) Airworthy NZ


  1. Pretty much a UK monopoly then!

  2. Very much so - seven of the world's eight flying two seaters are in the UK.
    Spoilt for choice!!!!


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