Friday, 18 July 2008

Duxford post lunch bimble

Having lunched, I had a walk around today to see what was left after last weekend. Sally B looked a little forlorn now that her 'sisters in arms' had departed back to their respective homes. At least she had a 'little friend', P-51 Old Crow, to keep her company for now.

News is that Liberty Belle is now back in North America having arrived at Bangor earlier this evening.
Also still resident at Duxford is the Scandinavian Historic Flights A-26B Invader...
And Miss Helen is inside with what looks like a temporary u/c leg on the port side after her mishap last Sunday...


  1. I like the shot of F86. Is the Invader still at Duxford?

  2. Yes, it was still parked up yesterday.
    The Invader is one of my favourites so the longer it is here the better!!