Sunday, 20 July 2008

Flying Proms

Went to the "Flying Proms" at Duxford last night. Bit of a last minute thing and so buying tickets on the gate was a pain due to the queue/slow service.

Still apart from a cold wind (it's almost the end of July FFS) the sky was clear. The John Miller band was there to open the evening playing all the fav Glen Miller tunes.

Flying display opened with the F-86 then P-51 (Ferocious Frankie) followed by a Schweizer chopper, Piper Cub pair, Spitfire, Guinot pair, DC-3 Dakota. The 'night glow' balloons were reduced to 'night glow burners' due to the wind.

The Spitfire display opened with the stirring theme from The Battle Of Britain and cheers from the audience. Certainly stirring stuff...

After the closing fireworks seems some crops were ignited (stray firework?) to the south of the runway.

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