Monday, 14 February 2011

Waking from winter slumbers...

Been a bit quiet on the old blogging front. Still attending Duxford and working my way through the gun camera film.

My Duxford (Fri)Days photo bimbles have been a little quiet due to hangars at DX being closed for maintenance, but I expect as the weather improves stuff will be aired, so expect to see them again.

My story on the Jolly Duck has resulted in contact from someone in Holland, who had seen the piece and being involved in the research of this aircraft crash, was delighted to find out that there was some footage of the downed aircraft being strafed by the RAF. He has been put in touch with the relevant person at the IWM, so hopefully they'll get a copy of the footage soon.


  1. On your 'bimbles', did you see if the P-47G engine is back ?

  2. Nope - still big empty space up the front...

  3. Thank you Mr 'Anonymous' for the update !!