Monday, 14 April 2014

Duxford :: 14/4/14

A sneak peek at the new livery for the IWMs latest rafter rat?

44-63620, P-51D, 83 FS 78FG, HL-C, Lt. John A Kirk 3rd.
"Small Boy Here"?

Or are the Hangar Humourista playing around with the local snaparazzi?…

And a couple of snaps from around the site…

Buchon G-AWHE/C-4K-31

TFC Bearcat

TFC Wildcat

TFC Harvard

Auster 5 in desert scheme...

Rumour has it Miss Velma has lost it's US registration...


  1. Very nice 'snaps' here as normal.

  2. I'm ok when they are on terra firma - it's when they go aloft I have a problem!

  3. I have a problem with 'strung-ups' too and also aircraft displayed in darkness, only to be 'exposed' by spotlights costing shed loads of money in electric all year round.

  4. Never seen a P-51 converted to a Stuka before!