Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Latest vehicle pass for DX...


  1. Off the top of your head Bob, how many times has SM845 been 'snapped' since January of this year by these people ? Pity the IWM don't fit live webcams to the control tower covering the whole flightline and Bruce Almighty's hangar and all to download for a 'modest' fee and a direct 'feed' to the youtube 'thingy' and make the IWM a bob or two in the process !! Could this be the end of the Snaparazzi ?

  2. The subject of webcams dotted around the site was raised in a discussion with one of the residentura - think it would keep breaking down!

    As for SM 845 - it's not an easy subject to photograph - the all silver finish causes no end of problems with these hifalutin digical box brownies - practice makes perfect!

  3. Ah, I see it all now !! Ta very much for the technical stuff.