Saturday, 1 November 2014

Duxford :: 1.XI.14 :: "Etta Jeanne II"...

With the unveiling last Thursday of the former Lambeth Road P-51D, "Big Beautiful Doll", in it's new scheme as P-51K 44-11631 (as flown from Duxford by the 82nd FG, 78th FG in 1944-45), it now carries the name "Etta Jeanne II", which was the mount of Lt Col Huie Lamb of the 82nd FS. Lamb, an Ace with 61 missions, was the guest of honour at the unveiling.

Now rolled back into H5, and awaiting preparation for stringing up from the inside of the AAM, I popped down to catch it in some form of normal setting before it was too late!  

Seems that the paint finish meets with the approval of a lot of people….

"Photo-report" of the event and photos of the aircraft outside can be found here

And how it may look soon?….

Nice to see the recently repainted B-17 "Mary Alice" looking like it never had a respray…

…How long has it been back in AAM?


  1. Is Mary going to get her chin back some time do you know?

  2. Not sure - been this way for a while now.

  3. Did it's 'chin' get damaged when it fell off it's pram whilst moving it ?