Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Hangar additions...

With Christmas fast approaching I was asked the question I dread, "What do you want for Christmas?".  Not needing two front teeth yet, I racked the old grey matter and after some pondering hit upon the idea of adding to the Mustang III I got earlier in the year. 
So back onto the pooter and after some thought I opted for two more HobbyMaster products. The Spitfire is a MkIXb, MK320 VL-F, of RAF No 322 (Dutch) Squadron (a squadron that John Niven flew with in his wartime career) and the P-51D Mustang “Petie 2nd” was the mount of John C Meyer, C.O 487th Fighter Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group and a 24 victory US 8th Air Force ‘Ace’ (a USAF pilot friend spent a lot of his time flying in the 325nd SOG/7th SOS and they had a close affinity with the Blue Nosed Bastards Of Bodney).
So, all I need now is a "Terence Tug" to drag them out, when I need to sweep the hangar floor...


  1. Very nice indeed, I take it that they come with the original 'ID' plate ?

  2. Just asking did not want you buying a 'ringer' like Bruce Almighty did !!

  3. The provenance has been fully researched… :o)

  4. Glad to hear you have the 'real deal/paperwork'.