Monday, 4 May 2015

Star Wars Day Duxford...

May the fourth be with you

Swung by Duxford today on a whim and in an attempt to catch the new residents of Airspace before it gets too crowded in there…

Almost a full side on view of the SR71...

The pointy end.

D-FLAK went up later for a couple of passes then departed area

"Miss Pick Up" did a couple of passes before landing

Unexpected display by one of the North Weald Gnats...

…brought back memories of the type in use by the Red Arrows

And a wander up to the AAM allowed an unobstructed view of the residents awaiting relocation - just the removal of the glass and mullions changes the whole aspect of the building...


  1. Thanks for the update Bob. Presumably Hawg Wild and the B-52 can't both be squeezed in to Airspace so who gets left in the cold, or is there more room than it looks?

  2. The B-29 and B-52 will be parked up outside temporarily (jet pan?) until completion of the necessary work inside AAM will allow them to be put back under 'cover'.
    Airspace will be pretty packed once everything is 'stored' in there.
    I think about 4 aircraft will not be going back in - the Avenger is going to stay in Air & Sea I think.


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