Sunday, 11 September 2016

A slightly sunnier Duxford...

Sunday morning broke with blue skies and the prospect of ideal air show weather after a washed out Saturday.
After a coffee to kickstart my day, a quick stroll around before going out to the flight line…

Spent the morning watching over the HAC's Sopwith Pup N6161
The upside of the previous day being washed out was that the Great War Display Team had twice the amount of pyrotechnics to get rid of during their display! There were some pretty loud bangs as a result - wonder if residents of surrounding properties were writing letters of complaint as they went off?…

Highlight of the day for myself was the 14 Spitfire flypast and subsequent tail chase - wonderful sight and sound!


  1. The weather - the reason why I never bought tickets in advance in the past!
    So did the Pup get airborne?

    1. No, not yet flown. Spent a while chatting with one of the HAC volunteers. He said he'd love to get a "Flashheart" style character to pose next to it. I suggested he wander over to the WW1 aviator re-enactors near WingCo Joe's Workshop and suggest it. A while later he turned up with four of them - one of them did have a bit of a Flashheart look to him!!!

  2. Hang on, whats this about 'tail-out' positioning of the aircraft I read elsewhere all in the public domain regarding taking photographs of the aircraft on the flightline walk ? Is this something new from the IWM or was it because the wind was blowing that way ?