Sunday, 9 July 2017

Hopes shattered...

I had been looking forward to seeing The Horsemen routine with the P-51B Berlin Express but sadly they cancelled their slot on Saturday due to the canopy on the P-51B shattering as Nick Grey flew her on a fast pass along the airfield.
Thankfully Nick landed and some damage resulted to the tail surfaces - the Malcolm Hood sadly ended up in a thousand pieces over the airfield.
After a journey of nearly 5000 nm across half of the US and large expanses of ocean without missing a beat, BE was due to be a highpoint for myself at FL17.
Hopefully I will be able to catch her in the air before she returns to Texas.


  1. going to be repaired in the UK then? I read that it was being crated and shipped home..

  2. Well, it was supposed to appear at RIAT on the Friday as part of the USAF Heritage Flight with a F-22A Raptor. Don't know if that plan has now been shelved, so not sure if the damage/replacement hood will be carried out to enable it to fulfil that commitment?
    Hence a slim chance of catching it while it remains here. Or not...

    1. Looks like it will be crated up ASAP so Heritage Flight pair will have to call in another P-51…

  3. Now it appears Miss Velma has suffered engine failure and made a forced landing in field on other side of M11! Pilot okay. Aircraft damaged.