Sunday, 9 July 2017

Miss Velma forced landing

Reports of Mustang TF-51D Miss Velma suffering engine failure and having to make an emergency landing in the field on the opposite side of the M11 while displaying at FL17. Pilot okay. Aircraft damaged and reports are her landing gear was down - image on Twitter shows her on her belly so not sounding good for levels of damage.

UPDATE: MV recovered back to H2 at Duxford via low loader and the A505 - photo online of her on her 'legs' outside the hangar - damaged wings, prop, airscoop, broken canopy - hopefully the landing gear got tucked up before impact. Wonder if the relatively flat field full of wheat acted as a 'cushion' reducing damage?

Sad news to hear on the 10th anniversary year of her arriving at Duxford after her trans Atlantic crossing. 
Not a good weekend for Mustangs that have flown over the "Pond"…

Hopefully the damage can be repaired soon and she can return to flight…

Credit: Paul Tolliday: Blue Sky Aerial Services


  1. ..looks like the pilot just managed to retract the gear before putting down. (deployed for landing already). Do keep us updated

  2. From the series of images posted here -
    It looks like the gear was retracting but in time before it met the ground? Also looks like starboard wing may have contacted with the wire fencing just visible ahead of her path, hence the damage you can see?
    It's been pretty dry lately, so hopefully the relatively level and firm nature of crop field soil, with any cushioning effect of the actual crop, may have helped reduce damage? Fingers crossed she isn't badly damaged.