Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Duxford :: 12/3/14 (Soon be Christmas…)

Popped in to renew my DAS membership and managed a quick photo tour of the hangar on the way out…

BBD looking a damn sight less beautiful - must be a bit hard to slap paint stripper onto a perfectly good paint scheme…

The F-15 was getting the "pink treatment" too….

Meanwhile the "Shacklefax" is coming on nicely…

…or is it a "Halifleton"?

Trying out the 9-18mm lens in The Bacofoil Building Airspace…
Lancaster, TSR2 and Vulcan...


  1. Hope Danny Morris cannot seem them undoing all his hard work.

  2. I expect his response would be too colourful to print!!!!
    They have removed the rear of the fuselage so that a new fuselage frame can be inserted to assist suspension…

    WTF is this fascination with hanging things from ceilings - I wonder if the person responsible for displaying airframes was denied every schoolboys 'right of passage' of stringing up their Airfix kits?

  3. Mr D Lee is your man or so I'm told !!

  4. With you on the ceilings Bob. Even my Airfix versions rarely got that treatment. Perhaps 'fly by wire' has been misunderstood somewhere!