Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Duxford :: 19/3/14

Took the opportunity, on the way in today, to grab a couple of photos of the P-40 before it was finally boxed up and sent on its way, back the good 'ol US of A!!!

With her wings adrift, and a crane to lift...

...Old P-40 "284", lies helpless on the floor,
Back into the box, soon she'll go,
Ne'er more to display at a Duxford air show...

And at long last….


  1. Goodbye 284 :-(
    Still, nice shots of the Spit Bob

  2. Still trying to get to grips with this new camera - blew catching the run and break completely. :o(

  3. Dunno looks pretty good material to me, well 'snapped' here