Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Duxford :: 5/3/14

As I missed out on the "local flypast" by SM845, thought I'd double up on the silverware!

Airspace - VN485
"Area 51" - SM845

Meanwhile, repairs to the roof of Airspace continue...


  1. Nice shot of SM845 and is that a Mk 3 JLG being used to repair the bacofoil roof ?

  2. It is indeed a JLG (1250 AJP) - I am in awe of your articulating boom lifts recognition skill!

  3. Yep, and I wanted to use one to get an overhead shot of anything nice at Bruce Almighty's bash, but the 'paperwork' was too much on the grounds of health and safety, bearing in mind I have full cover and a IPAF cert meant nothing, but it's clear because they are in a confined place with barriers. You should have 'nipped' in to Wickes and spashed out on one of those 'daft' hats we have to wear on the building sites, and asked one of the lads, when SMthingy was warming up at Arco, and you may have got yourself a shot from and higher angle than the regular 'crew' !!

  4. If you can operate one, maybe you need to drive it in at Leg Ends!!!