Monday, 19 May 2014

Duxford :: 18.V.14 :: Sunny Sunday...

Had a brother visiting over the weekend, and as it was such a nice day, we popped down to show him around and swell the coffers of Wing Co Joe's/The Mess.
Apart from all them airyplaney things there was an outing for Porsche 356 owners -

 As we sat for a cold drink at "Joe's" prior to departing, a Spitfire came into land, and I suggested he hotfoot it over to the barrier next to ATC, as it looked like it may be ML407. Sure enough, ML407 came taxiing by and he managed to catch some video of it.
Rounded off his visit nicely and he'll be showing the video to his friend, whose father flew ML407 in 1944, while it was with 485 (NZ) Sqdn., when he gets back up north….

70th Anniversary of that flight this coming August - next visit may be with John Niven's son, as AB910 is rolled out, and maybe a trip over to Bentwaters!...


  1. See you this friday at Col. Joe's 12.30 if you can make it

  2. I'm not due to work Friday - in Lincoln Friday/Saturday nights - but will pop in for a pre show trog followed by a sweaty bun and tin mug of rosy lee!

  3. That's the 'spirit' mate, we will keep an eye for you.