Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Duxford :: 7.V.14 :: The end of the reel?

After almost eight years of watching gun camera film, I have watched my last reel (until they find some more!).
The last clip on the last reel, coincidentally dated the 7th….


Meanwhile, elsewhere…
Mk Vb AB910 tail nearing completion.
MH434 and Frankie just before being unleashed for exercise…

The invitation to take some closeup shots of these inside by OFMC staff was ruined in what can only be described as a basic schoolboy error - shooting 'arm-height' using the LCD screen without my reading glasses, while on manual focus, results in out of focus images. 


  1. So what now you have watched your last reel of gun-film is it true you have been taken on by Col Joe's ?

  2. Haha - a new film project awaits me - if there are any ACC cookery tips I'll be sure to send them to W/C Joe!

  3. Me and 'Chester' are down next friday, so let us know what time lunch is and we will stand you a 'brew' or 'warm beer' !!