Tuesday, 27 May 2014

ML407 - an evolving story?

After I grabbed some shots of ML407 last week being "striped up" for the weekend, I asked my wife to pick a couple of copies of the book "2nd TAF Spitfire - The Story Of Spitfire ML407" from the stand at the airshow, as I was away for the weekend.

Having browsed through my copy I have linked the regular pilot of ML407, Johnnie Houlton, to some gun camera film clips I have viewed, mostly during June 1944. I'm not sure of the quality of the footage but it's all material connected to the history of ML407.

S/L John Niven appears in a few photos in the book during it's time on 485 Squadron and I have posted a copy of the book to the Niven family. Until recently, I don't think they realised that two of the aircraft John flew were still extant…

My search for others continues...

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