Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Duxford :: 8.IV.15

Some shots from DX today after my 'picnic'. A new visitor for 2015 and a regular up and about…

Yakovlev Yak-3M 0470202; D-FLAK soon to become G-OLEG

Dangly bits getting added...
Ahhhh, fresh air...
Pane-fully slow process...
One final snoop around before heading home…


  1. Is the Yak 'thingy' a 1980s new-build with an Allison power-plant ? or is this an original data-plate 'thingy' knocked up in some damp and nasty little shed out in the urinals ?

  2. It's a 3M so has the Allison engine...

  3. Ah, take note Mr Smith, sounds like a 'newbie' and not an 'oldie'. Thanks Bob you have been must helpful

  4. Would G-INFO tell you the year of manufacture ?

  5. From the sale info over at MeierMotors -
    Serial : 0470202
    Year: 1944, as acknowledged by the LBA
    2-Seater + rear controls
    74 hours TT and 125 landings since new
    Engine: Vintage V12s ALLISON-111 with 8.8 blower, 23hours SMOH
    Propeller: 23E50 wide-Super-DC-3 blades, 74 hours SMOH

  6. Thank you, the bit I find confusing is yes, they were produced in the war around 1944, but states and makes the comment 74 hours since new, must be a low time from 70 years ago !! what a 'find' for the owner.

  7. Flypast in the latest issue calls the 3M a 'reproduction'. So all is now clear!

  8. I thought at a Flying Legends show that the light blue one which at the time was based in Kent and owned by some bloke called Chris Verang or similar was one of a number built in the 1980s by Yak and I had it in mind that this aircraft G-OLEG was one of them. But it is a wonderful reproduction or carry-on of the production run by Yak and I'm sure he will have many happy hours in it. But I think at one stage this aircraft was being 'peddled' as the real thing which from a selling point can make it like an episode of 'Lovejoy' .

  9. I think that as this one carries a 3M model number it is probably one of the ones built in 1991?
    As Yakovlev used original parts and dies to build the new Yak-3 replicas (which were given the suffix “M” to distinguish them from original production models) maybe the use of the word "replica" or "reproduction" might be wrong? It could be called a new version of the original, as it was built by Yakovlev, and not some bloke in his shed using bits from other aircraft?...

  10. If your 'offered' a 'jolly' in it, are you going to have a crack at it ?

  11. Got my eye set on the shark mouth P-51 after I get the Spitfire under my belt ;o)


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