Friday, 3 April 2015

Random Revisit № 2 :: July 2011

Brought over the "pond" by The Horsemen display team for the 2011 Flying Legends airshow,  P-51 Mustangs Fragile But Agile and February

While visitors were excited to view some new additions to the Mustang lineup, little did we realise that there would be one less by the end of the weekend…

"Big Beautiful Doll" (D-FBBD) looking resplendent and shiny after being
worked on by the Meier Motors Magicians...


  1. Enjoying 'Radom' visits and 'lifted' the Fragile shot for the Studio because I did not get a shot with the name on it side. Gazza. Keep them coming mate.

  2. Thanks. May even dig out and scan some of the 35mm prints I took many years ago...

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