Saturday, 4 April 2015

Random Revisit № 3 :: July 2006

A pretty 'awesome' sight to see among the ranks of Spitfires in 2006 was this beast, owned by Christophe Jacquard - Spitfire PR Mk.XIX PS890 (F-AZJS). 

Built in 1945 under construction number 6S/585110. Operated by No 81 Squadron RAF in Singapore during 1951, later transferred to Thailand Air Force and flown until 1962. Donated by the King of Thailand to Ed Maloney and transported to Planes of Fame Air Museum in California. Rebuilt to static condition in 1968. Restored to airworthiness between 1994-2002 at Chino, California and fitted with a Griffon 58A driving contra-rotating propellers from an Avro Shackleton.

It retained this configuration until 2009 when the engine was changed.

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  1. I remember that Bob, I have two 'snaps' of it before and after on the other channel look under the Spitfire section. I thought I heard the 'French Tickler' state it could go over the top at 400mph !! What a piece of 'kit' this was and has connections with the BoB film ?


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