Monday, 4 July 2016

4.VII.16 - New crowd line and new arrival...

Had to drop in today so took a saunter around. With the 'closure' of the Tank Bank for the upcoming "Flying Legends Air Show" the new 'crowd line' is in place and provides an additional ~80' (in depth) for spectators at "Airliner Row" and ~140' depth along the "Jet Pan". 
There may well be a rush to secure chairs to the newly relocated fencing as it brings the taxiway closer for almost the whole length of the viewing areas. 
Not a lot flying today apart from some GA stuff - will be back on Wednesday for work, so may take another recce south side then. 
Am working Sunday somewhere on site so, for those that know me, say hi!!!

Increased viewing area at "Airliner Row"

Increased viewing area at "Jet Pan"

Lockheed Electra NC14999