Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Farewell Miss Velma...

News on the 'net that TF-51D 44-84847 (N251RJ) "Miss Velma" is moving from Duxford, her home for the last nine years, to North Weald. I expect she'll grace the skies over DX again but she's been a part of DX for almost as long as I have volunteered there…

I can recall standing in my back garden as it was on the final stages of it's long transatlantic flight on the 4th July 2007 - sadly it's companion for the trip, P-38 "Glacier Girl", didn't make it out of the US.

Still 'wearing' her ferry tanks with the Operation Bolero II markings and looking a little travel worn...

…and Ed Shipley who flew the whole trip single handed


  1. New owner or operator or hirer ?

  2. No idea - Mk XIV and Fury II and P-47 joining them according to 'net rumours...

  3. P-47? Is that something new coming over. Presumably nothing concrete yet.

  4. Word on Flypast forum that it's "No Guts No Glory"...

  5. Presumably because I asked if we could have it back a while ago, lol!