Friday, 1 July 2016

MK805 Simply Spitfire reproduction damaged in road incident.

Sad news that Terry Arlow's wonderful reproduction of Spitfire MkIX MK805 has been involved in an accident while en route to the Isle Of Wight.
The trailer carrying MK805 apparently sheared off the towing vehicle and crashed into an embankment.

Pics and story here -


  1. The good lady pointed out the newspaper story when I got home Sunday evening. Thought it must have been that Spit - shame after all the work that has gone in to it.

  2. Think it's fair to say that Terry and the team are devastated at this setback. Not sure if he will try and use some of the parts of the MkII he's currently building to try and get MK805 back to 'show-worthy' condition ASAP.
    Couldn't have happened at a worse time either - almost the start of his display season so a loss of valuable income...