Saturday, 12 July 2014

Duxford :: 12.VII.14 :: Legends Saturday & Sunday

Started out as another grey day with low cloud and as a result many gaps on the flight line from missing aircraft 'locked' in over the Channel.
Got to midday and the sun started to burn off the cloud - and it soon got hot!

Some images from the few I took today - decided to sit back and just enjoy the display via the ol' Mk1 eyeball…

The shiny P-40C


Spitfires forming up north of the airfield...
…and around again.
P-26 display 

Bit late for the Balbo?….

Joker slot...

A reduced Balbo - 16 aircraft and one crow...

..::SUNDAY 13.VII.14::..

A few shots from today - no apologies for the Spitfire overload - how much longer will there be four Mk1s together in one place?
Weather was a bit wetter today - almost monsoon-like at a couple of points during the flight line walk - thankfully the weather god decided to look kindly on the afternoon!

Shelter from the downpour - Spitfire wing...
Show opened with a Spitfire Balbo - a Spilbo?...
MK912, ML407, MH434

TD248, BM597, EP120, SM845

P9374, X4560, P7308, N3200

Fly Navy…

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  1. Can't have 'too many' Spits!
    Did anything else make it across the channel for Sunday or was it still the Saturday contingent?