Thursday, 10 July 2014

Flying Legends 2014 :: 12/13.VII.14

Should be there on Saturday (as a spectator) and Sunday (as a HiViz obstruction) so if you see me stop and say hello.
Also hope to pop in tomorrow (Friday) if I happen to be, as Jibber Chabbert would say, in ze arrhoea……

Chocks haway!!!


  1. Will be there with 'Chester' Davies on Saturday because I'm working Friday and Sunday, so I'll buy you a 'semi warm' beer if I see you !!

  2. Batteries will be on charge tonight in readiness so I'll look out for you behind what ever disguise you are adopting this year! Marcus is en route too.

  3. Will be in the TFC enclosure up by the AAM - didn't fancy splashing out on a Gold Pass ticket this year. Gives us free access to Flightline Walk so maybe see you out there?
    Am working Sunday - possibly Liveside Walk again - maybe see you there too?

  4. Will be on the flightline Bob, eyes peeled around midday.
    Nice taster above!

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