Thursday, 31 July 2014

Mustang III

Not having sufficient beer tokens to buy the real thing, I spotted a future release by Hobbymaster of a 1/48th scale Mustang III announced a few months ago. FFWD to this week and the postman delivered it today.

It's my first die cast model (and probably last!*) and is pretty good quality with options to configure the u/c to be either up or down and bombs or long range tanks under the wings. It's got a bit of weight and has a lot of detail on it. A stand is provided to allow for the 'in-flight' display option.
It represents a Mustang III FZ190 of 441 Squadron RCAF from May 1945.
If I still had the steady hand and hawk eyes of a teenager I'd probably opt to build a plastic kit of something from the RAF Mustang 'inventory', but age has taken it's toll!
I've viewed footage of 441 Squadron gun camera film, mostly from 1944 when they flew Spitfires (MkIX), so not an unknown squadron to me.

I got the model from Flying Tigers and they have quite an interesting range of aircraft to choose from.

*only due to lack of space! 


  1. Age taken it's toll ? you have loads of hours left on the 'airframe' !!

  2. I guess 'RG-L' markings would have been asking a bit much, lol!