Warbird gun cameras #2

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Gun camera port on P-51 Miss Helen...

Sadly, still out in the cold, getting more and more bird crap deposited on her surfaces.


Clip wing B-17...

Noticed that "Sally B" has had her wings clipped to get her into H2...

Air Harrods....

Flew in to DX today, hovered around a bit then landed.


Wind beneath her wings again....

...albeit on the ground, outside while they mop the Airspace hangar 'bay' floor.
Parked outside in a chilly wind today...


Dead Duck shoot....

Image used with permission IWM
Another gun camera clip I was viewing last week leapt out at me as soon as the title card opened - the target was recorded as a "Liberator A.C." and the pilot/squadron details were recorded as being F/O Emmerson 453 Sqn on 26/2/45 at 1600hrs - this might be interesting!!
A second clip, F/Lt Clemesha 453 Sqn, also featured this attack - slightly better quality than the first clip and I managed to capture a frame of the action to try and see if I could enhance the image over that seen on the Steenbeck.

Later, after converting the negative image to a positive, I could make out it was a white underlined G on a dark coloured bar. Some searching on the net resulted in the following results...
392nd BG
Serial No. - 42-95241
Sqn - (H) 578th
Call Letter - EC - G
A/C Name - "Jolly Duck"
Final Disposition - Crash landed Feb 22, 45 at Noekermeer  Zoetermeer, near Zoeterwoude, Netherlands
Missions Flown - 37

More info -

B-24 Jolly Duck Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1140877619381976

The John McCormick Story - https://www.b24.net/storiesMcCormick.htm

Pics of her can be found on row four on this page - https://www.b24.net/aircraftPhotos.htm