Hurricane : The Unsung Hero

Last post of 2022 and, until I can get to Duxford to see the new Hurricane exhibition*, I thought I'd have a roundup of some of the UK based Hurricanes I've managed to catch over the years. Photos in no particular order but starting with one of my personal favourites, six in formation at a Duxford air show in 2017...

* Featuring V7497 SD-X G-HRLI, P2902 DX-R G-ROBT, P3717 SW-P G-HITT, P3700/"R4175" RF-E/R G-HURI, BE505 XP-L G-HHII, R4118 UP-W G-HUPW, Sea Hurricane Z7015 7-L G-BKTH




Miss Helen

 Lunch was interrupted by P-51D Miss Helen getting some air 'neath her wings...

Carolyn Grace

The sad news of the passing of Carolyn Grace has been posted on the Grace Spitfire Facebook page - sincere condolences to the Grace family and all at Sywell...